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 On the following pages I would like to introduce you to our pug breeding "Ringelmann Haus" and tell you about our history.

It is long time ago we fell in love with this very special dog breed. Since then we always wanted there would be at lest one ambassador of these lovely beings in our family. Finally in October 2009 a small black male pug named Intar Savlaar Treasure Haus was born – he came into our house and became the pug we wished for such a long time.


When we attended a dog show in 2010, Intar Savlaar directly won the 1st Place and easily became „Bundessieger - 2010".

 The judge who was giving him the trophy told us then that we were in charge of having a pug breed with such an outstanding dog. I can proudly assure you that we followed his advice...

Firstly we have accomplished a series of the required steps e.g. practical and theoretical seminars from VDH (a German branch of FCI) to acquire knowledge and experience that are required to found a professional dog breeding conforming with the worldwide standards. After that we applied for a dog breeding license at FCI. Since 2011 "Ringelmann Haus" is a registered dog breeding. For the moment we also have female dogs at our breeding.


We are a member of DMC which itself belongs to VDH which is the German national partner of FCI. We strictly follow all official norms of DMC/VDH Germany and the international organization FCI.



We love our little sweethearts , they are a huge part of our lives and fully entitled members of our family. They live together with us in our house without any physical boundaries. To ensure happy and healthy lives for our four-legged friends we regularily take them for a walk, play with them, feed them with pug adequate dog food, coach and exercise them. We monitor the hygiene conditions at home and visit our approved veterinarian on a regular basis, do check-ups and reinoculate our dogs.

Each dog in our house has his or her own unique character and habits. We take an attempt to describe those for you on the individual pages of our pugs. We very much appreciate the uniqueness of our dogs and treat each one with respect.

Our sweethearts with their curled tails did not appear at our house by chance. We thoroughly researched the personal backgrounds of our pugs. Each of them is a unique dog considering not only the character and the personality but also the ancestry background. Each one has famous parents with a number of titles coming from very different countries around the world. Please see the individual pages of our pugs to find further details.

Intar Savlaar, that is how we call him at home, very fast arrived and became a complete and fully entitled member of our family.